Trials and Challenges

A Worthy Vessel

by Belinda van Rensburg

Since time immemorial the waves have roared
Lashing and forming the sandy shores,
Then still, then storm, then high, then low;
Breaking where seawater ebb and flow.

In perfect rhythm the tides come in -
High and low and neap and spring,
Ceaselessly moving and shaping the land;
Breaking the shells into soft, white sand.

So too with us us: with you and with me;
Throughout our lives we unceasingly see
God's Hand within our calm and our storm,
Shaping us from the day we are born.

When things get tough we should not despair:
The Lord is in our trials and our prayers,
We need only look upon Jesus' face
To know He is our safe hiding place.

God cares so much for each one of us
So do not panic and do not fuss -
Allow God to break, to heal and remake
You for the part He wants you to take.

A vessel so fine it is fit for the King
Wondrously beautiful; sealed with His ring -
Blood-bought and pure; the Potter's pride
Dressed in white linen; the High King's bride.

 © 2010



Blessed Storms

by Belinda van Rensburg

During stormy weather  

Clouds seem to lose their glow; 

Gathering together  

They darken Earth below.

The leaden sky explodes;

Rain pelts the ground with force

Threatening to erode  

The soil without remorse.  

Clouds rumble, roil and moan;  

Lights split the sky in two;  

Earth's creatures hide and groan  

Birds bid the air adieu.

Though dark clouds hide the sun;

 Though they are glum and gray -

 Without them we're undone  

For they send life our way.

They're smiled on by the Son 

He formed; sent each of them; 

A blessing every one;  

A mystery to men. 

Bringing much needed rain  

Enabling life to grow;  

Though storms can cause much pain

 We need their blessed flow. 

When storm clouds gather close  

And life seems dark and bleak;  

When foes attack; oppose 

Leaving us battered; weak.

Remember that each cloud's  

A blessing in disguise -  

Sent by God; allowed  

To strengthen; make us wise.   

© 2008



Bricks and Mortar

by Belinda van Rensburg

 Laying bricks upon another
Mortar in between;
One stone placed upon the other;
Realization of a dream.

Built according to design,
Blueprint at the ready;
Guided by each dot and line
Progression's sure and steady.

Though storms and setbacks interfere
Or funds run very low,
The workers need to persevere
Though the going might seem slow.

Sharing in God's dream design,
The Bible as our guide;
Trials meant to mold, refine;
Draw us closer to His side.

Each new lesson is a brick,
God's will the strong cement;
His Word is our measuring stick
Which no living soul may bend.

Jesus Christ our sure foundation,
Our ever steady Rock;
Lord of all; King of Creation -
Overseer of His flock.

© 2010


 Tears in Crystal Vials

by Belinda van Rensburg

What if the angels caught each tear we cried  

In crystal vials trimmed with silver and gold,  

To lay at the feet of the One Who resides  

In Heavenly places to bless and behold?  

What if the tears that we shed were collected  

And strewn in the sky to catch the Son's rays;  

His brilliant Light by each teardrop reflected  

Painting a bow to remind and amaze?


The Sovereign Lord can change crying to laughter 

 And wipe every tear from our eyes;  

Replacing our sorrows with joy-filled hereafters  

And ashes with rainbows to color our lives.  

© 2008



Trial-Soaked Mercies

by Belinda van Rensburg

Even the sweetest red rose has its thorns, 

 And the most gracious gazelle has his horns.  

So too black shadows might darken our days  

As trial-soaked mercies God sends our way.  

Crushed by the weight of our dreadful ordeals,  

Laying before God our earnest appeals;  

Knowing that when through the fire we've come,  

We will be much more like Christ Jesus, His Son.

© 2009



A Prayer in Times of Trouble 

by Belinda van Rensburg

Upon my bed I lay me down 

 My forehead drawn into a frown; 

Many troubles flung my way -

Lord, I plead for help this day.  

Weak am I; my strength is gone  

My broken heart bereft of song;  

Lord please listen to my prayer;  

Help me now my burdens bear. 


All my thoughts are known to You;

  You know what I am going through. 

 Draw me closer to Your side; 

 Under Your wing I will abide.  

Quietly I'll wait for You  

To do what only You can do; 

 Banish darkness with Your Light 

 And answer when the time is right.  

© 2009