Poems about WAR

 Give Me Your Sons!

by Belinda van Rensburg

"Give me your sons!", cries the demon of war.
"Arm them with dangerous weapons galore.
Dress them and bless them then send them to me
Over the land and across the wide sea.

Let them deny all their natural fears;
Let them take lives and then sacrifice theirs.
Give me your sons and be proud when they die
Although when alone you might ask yourselves 'Why?'.

True, there are times when you do have to fight,
Against tyranny or to establish what's right.
But, when a war's waged for power or greed,
My evil desires and bloodlust you feed."
© 2009  


 The Angel of Block 10

by Belinda van Rensburg

The Angel of Death in crisp uniform;
A skull on his cap; his eyes laced with scorn -
Whistling an aria he gets to play God
While he directs this macabre façade.


Deciding fates with a sweep of his hand;
None who alights comprehends what's been planned
For those selected to go to Block 10;
Guinea pigs for one of Hitler's henchmen. 


Hunting for twins amidst the arrivals;
Being a pair could mean their survival.
They're sent to his lab; Romani and Jew;
They might pray for death before he is through.


Young victims of Mengele's human zoo;
Innocents; children - the chosen few.
They call him Uncle; he takes them for rides
Before he dissects them; tears their insides. 


Doctors look down upon them in disdain;
Subhuman objects to study and maim.
This mock'ry of science is just a disguise;
Endeavours to back up the Führer's lies.  

They aim to build a superior race -
Their dream; our nightmare; a crime; a disgrace;
It's nothing but slaughter – thousands die here
Afflicted; butchered each day of the year.  

Doctors ignoring their small victims' pleas
While they commit their nefarious deeds.
Mengele stands with a gleam in his eyes
As he injects theirs with blue-coloured dyes.  

Needles; syringes for blood transfusions -
Dreadfully devised mass executions.
He conjoined the twins, Nina and Dieter;
Stitched back to back; it could not be neater.  

In Auschwitz Birkenau life is dirt cheap;
Bleak, broken bodies are stacked in a heap.
Suffering written on each starving face,
Robbed of life's blood in this infernal place.  

The dark angel rules this kingdom of death;
A demon who sucks up innocent breath.
Cold walls imprison their screams and their fears
Whilst Heaven looks down and weeps holy tears.

© 2010

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 Will We Ever Learn?

by Belinda van Rensburg

 A cry of pain; a heart so vain;
A battlefield strewn with the slain.
A tortured soul; a fiendish ghoul;
The stench of death obscene and foul.

History has clearly shown
That human beings are quite prone
To do the most horrendous things
Be they soldiers, serfs or kings.

Will we never, ever learn
Not to destroy, kill, maim and burn?
Why do we do just as we please;
Will the fighting never cease?

It seems it is far too late
To change this fallen world's sad fate;
It's end has long since been revealed
Though certain details remain sealed.

God created man for peace
Yet warfare is on the increase;
I am convinced our Lord must weep
When wolves devour His much loved sheep!
© 2009