Poems about the enemy

 The Malefic Puppet Show
by Belinda van Rensburg

Come in - sit down in the front row
And welcome to my puppet show!
I'll dim the lights so you won't see
That I'm not who I seem to be -
That it's all a grand illusion
To create a mass delusion.

Oh, isn't it delectable
That they find me acceptable?
They think me and my fellow fiends
Are  mankind's best and coolest friends,
But we're not what we seem to be:
Au contraire  - believe you me!

'The Puppet Master' is my name,
World domination is my aim.
Through control; manipulation
Of every tongue and nation -
Pulling their strings to do my will
So I can move in for the kill.

Placing puppets in high places
(You know them:  you've seen their faces)
To do as I command them to
To get to you, and you, and you.
I guide them and I edge them on
Setting them up against God's Son.

Words whispered in a leader's ear
Fill him with an unholy fear,
So off he sends his troops to war
(This is becoming such a bore!),
But war sure serves our purpose well
For it fills up the halls of hell.

Delicious anticipation -
Guiding men to their damnation:
I pull a string and voila!  Look,
They've just published another book
To lead mankind further astray
From the only Truth and Way.

I pull one string; a mother sighs -
I pull another; baby dies.
The show goes on, and on and on
For those who do not know the Son.
Oh my! The things that I will do
Before I am forever through.
© 2015 



In the Belly of the Beast

by Belinda van Rensburg

In nineteen ninety-three or two
I had a vision which I'd like to share with you -
It was so clear; as bright as day
Etched deep into my mind to stay.

I found myself in a cathedral
Old and certainly ancestral,
Very clean; in good repair
But without trappings anywhere.

All by myself in a large room
Surrounded by gray walls and gloom;
Ancient, eerie, cold and dark
Uninhabited and stark.

Facing a wall four stories high -
A tower reaching to the sky;
Set in relief a figure tall
For ages in the granite wall.

His face was twisted with pure hatred;
Motionless and still he waited
With eyes glowing red as coals
To feed 'pon lost and wayward souls.

I followed this doomed creature's stare
And noticed people floating there
High against the ancient ceiling;
Struggling; writhing; crying; squealing.

Their struggles were of no avail
As terrified they thrashed and flailed;
Still helplessly they kept on drifting
Whilst the creature's eyes kept shifting.

The beast was ready; more than eager
Though at first the meal was meager;
His lips were parted; they slipped through
Receiving that which was their due.

The solid rock became transparent
And it was quite clear; apparent
That the ones who had been swallowed
Inside the creature's belly wallowed.

Faster, ever faster still
More souls came floating down until
The beast started to come alive
Since it was on their sins he thrived.

Fear-filled eyes stared back at me
And it was very sad to see
Souls which had been trapped this way -
But there they were and had to stay.

The beast came loose eventually -
Out of the wall he was set free;
Free to maim, kill and destroy
Something in which he finds much joy.

For many years I prayed and wondered -
About this strange vision I pondered;
What exactly did it mean?
Can from it some truth I glean?

It seems to me and others too
The key phrases may well be two;
Ancient 'Church' in good repair
Feeding the beast which hides in there.
© 2009


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Oh Enemy Mine!
by Belinda van Rensburg 

Oh enemy mine just leave me be,
For I’m in Christ who set me free;
I’m not defenseless; on my own;
I now belong to Him alone.

I’ll fear no terror of the night
For I live in God’s holy light.
His banner over me is love;
He gives me good gifts from above.

He provides and He protects;
He guides me and directs my steps.
I am the apple of His eye
And will be 'till the day I die.

I was weak but now I’m strong;
I was lost, now I belong.
Flee, my enemy, turn around;
I'm His and I am heaven bound.
©  2014


Satan's Minions
by Belinda van Rensburg 

The enemy's always attempting to render
Each upright, faithful Christian defender
Powerless; useless; unable to show
Sinners and seekers the Way to go.

He uses those in his bonded employ
To divert, to bait, to trip and annoy;
To keep us busy so that we can't
Sow good seeds when it's time to plant.

Their lips are full of lies and deceit;
They set their traps for the righteous; the meek -
Lying in wait to steal and destroy
Our lives, our faith, our peace and our joy.

Slander and malice are tools in their hands;
Weapons they wield against those in the land
Who are quietly doing what God told them to do -
Who yield to God with hearts strong and true.

Be truthful and just and you will see
Satan's minions turn round and flee:
Live in God's Light and you will deflect
The enemy's plans and destructive effect.
© 2014 


 To The Powers That Be
by Belinda van Rensburg

Not all so-called ‘little people’
Are dumbed down or misled sheeple
Believing all your double speak
To sway the clueless and the weak.

Those who think all’s fine and dandy:
That credit cards are safe and handy,
Are being set up for a fleecing
As balances keep on increasing.

But we can see the traps you’ve set
And won’t become your slaves through debt;
Though you may tempt us ev’ry day
We will resist you all the way!

You will not brand us with your mark
For we’ll not live where it is dark;
We know what’s wrong and what is right:
We are the children of the Light!

God’s remnant people have a voice:
Divine-ordained freedom of choice.
We won’t give in to your demands
When they conflict with God’s commands.

There’s nothing more to say; discuss -
You’ve lost your power over us.
Our weapons are Christ’s truth and love
And our strong faith in God Above!

© 2019