Poems About Temptation


by Belinda van Rensburg

 From the ashes of time I can hear hollow laughter,
Calling me, calling me, to the hereafter.
Forgotten voices and vile lying tongues,
Who penned morals tainted by God's fallen sons.

Empty it rings in the stillness of night,
Whilst soft blackened velvet helps shadow the Light.
Curling, unfurling, gray fingers of vice,
Destroying my life with their evil advice.

Temptation in wrappers with bright shiny strings,
And wooed by the words of the songs Satan sings.
Believing lies tasting like sweet candy floss;
No time for regrets and eternally lost.  

© 2008



Neon Lights
by Belinda van Rensburg

Neon lights beckoning, inviting
Souls to come over to play.
Promising something exciting,
If one should stray their way.

Look at their bright colors flashing;
Pretty they are to behold.
Twisting and turning in patterns quite dashing,
But now only half the story's been told.

When the sun comes up and lightens the sky
And shines brightly in the day,
They look quite tacky as they flicker and die;
As their neon lives fade away.

The snares that they set for souls during the night
Have trapped the unwary in sin,
But everything is now exposed by the Light
And many regret the big mess they are in.

The pleasures they tasted now empty and gone,
And so too their morals and money,
But others still crave all that jaded old 'fun',
Returning at night when it's no longer sunny.

Oh! Pretty lights, you flash and you flicker
During the nights to make lost souls sicker.
Lead them to drink, to gamble and more -
Is that what you look so beautiful for?
© 2008

Beat The Beast 

by Belinda van Rensburg

  What is grabbing, clawing, gnawing
Crushing, dominating you?
Can you feel it pulling, drawing
You to do what you will rue?

Are the dark, foul elementals
Causing havoc in your life;
Are they driving you quite mental
Causing enmity and strife?

Are you struggling with addictions;
Do you crave your nicotine?
What's your downfall; your affliction -
Gossip, gin or heroine?

Did the demons of delight
Snare you with tainted pleasures?
Perhaps a trouble sprouting sprite
Promised you untold treasures?

What'ver the devil hurls your way
Be it a trick or treat,
Hold on to Jesus Christ and pray
And you will beat the beast! 

  © 2016