Poems About Suffering

  A Prayer for Friends in Pain
by Belinda van Rensburg

 Many of us have special friends who live with chronic pain
They suffer so much every day; that much is very plain;
The only thing that we can do to help them in their plight
Is to pray and ask the Lord to help them win the fight.

Lord, You are all-powerful; aware of everything
And it is with confidence that we now do bring
This petition to Your throne; please accept our prayer
And touch Your hurting children  - here and everywhere.

Lord, be merciful to them; relieve their constant pain
Touch their aching bodies; allow them to regain
The health and strength that they once knew;
No-one can help them Lord, but You.  

© 2009



 Child of the Night

by Belinda van Rensburg

Oh, child of sorrows and of the night,
In empty darkness you've been bound tight
With ropes and chains you can't even see
And you're struggling and falling and trying to flee;

You're living a lie; it's all a grand show,
But around and around in circles you go.
Dear one – all alone and eternally doomed
Don't you know that Death can come all too soon?

Oh, child of the night turn your face to the Light
And make your life through Jesus Christ right;
From chains, pain and darkness forever be free
To one day partake of the life-giving tree.
Your quest for the truth has now come to an end,
For in heaven you have the King as a friend.
He's been calling your name since the day you were born;
He can heal your heart that's been battered and torn.

Oh, children of joy, of peace and of Light,
Accepted, forgiven and filled with Christ's might -
Set free by His Blood to live, laugh and love,
To be wise as serpents yet gentle as doves:
Fearlessly standing when all seems to be lost;
Not caring what following Jesus might cost.
We belong to our Father, the Ancient of Days
Who sent us His Spirit to teach us His ways.

© 2009


Fallen Through the Cracks
by Belinda van Rensburg

 There he sits, forlornly staring
On the sidewalk all alone;
Wholly hopeless and uncaring -
Nameless, faceless and unknown.

No hearth nor home to call his own
No loved ones at his side;
His heart is empty; turned to stone
He's lost all dignity and pride.

What brought him to this point, I wonder
Why has he fallen so?
What dark force tore his life asunder
Is there nowhere he could go?

Did life break him; leave him scarred
Did he try but fail to cope?
Was survival just too hard
What made him loose all faith and hope?

Did he loose his job and home
When the market crashed?
Is this why he's forced to roam
The streets and live off smelly trash?

Was it drink which brought him low
Destroyed his precious life;
Left him without a place to go -
Bereft of children and a wife?

There he sits; filthy and staring
His frame just skin and bones;
Tattered rags are what he's wearing;
They're everything he owns.

So many souls fall through the cracks
And are left behind,
Yet they could all get back on track
When Jesus breaks their chains which bind.

No one is beyond redemption;
No one's too far gone -
God will save without exception
All who believe in Christ, His Son.  

© 2008  


A Broken Lullaby

by Belinda van Rensburg

Hush now, there now, please don't cry -
Mommy will sing you a lullaby
Of little lambs as white as snow
And twinkling stars that glitter and glow.

Hush now, there now, little one -
Mommy's here but Daddy's gone.
Now drink your milk and do not weep,
Dry your eyes and go to sleep.

There now, be still, whine no more -
You'll be alone so lock the door.
There's something good for you to eat;
Some ham and cheese and a sugary treat.

Please be quiet, let me be -
Mommy's busy, can't you see?
Read a book or go and play,
But don't bother me for the rest of the day.

Oh, come on now, whatever's wrong?
Why isn't all your homework done?
Why do you always lock your door,
And why don't you talk to Mommy anymore?

Oh, no, no, no! It cannot be;
My dearest one is dead, you see -
they found her lying on her bed
With a needle in her arm and a note that read:"

"Hush now, Mommy, please don't cry -
My life is broken and I want to die.
Where I am it's dark and cold,
And I wish I had your hand to hold."

© 2008



This Fallen World

by Belinda van Rensburg

I cannot look into his eyes-
Those dead and hollow eyes;
Filled with so much pain and sorrow,
Not knowing what he'll eat tomorrow.
His portion is a living hell
But there is none whom he can tell.

I cannot look into her eyes
Those sad and tear-stained eyes.
Filled with such distrust; so sad.
Abused; misused by her own dad.
Her portion is a living hell
But there is none whom she can tell.

A little baby is rejected;
A little boy badly neglected.
A little kitten
Kicked and beaten;
A puppy in the gutter -
While others suffer; suffer.

I've seen it all; I've seen their eyes
Because the eyes do not tell lies.
Sad eyes, lonely; filled with fear
Some too sad to shed a tear.
They have no hope; they have been battered;
Their lives have been broken; shattered.

Oh Father God, why is this so?
Why don't You see; seem not to know -
About the suffering, the pain?
Oh, God, tell us: who is to blame?

"This is a fallen world you live in;
The Light is very dim;
The darkness is without; within,
As you continue in your sin.

Your only Hope then lies herein:
That you repent of all your sin
And trust in Jesus' Blood to cleanse
And make you new and whole again.

When He comes back to bring you Home -
To come and bow before My throne,
Those sad and hollow eyes will be
Joy-filled throughout eternity."

© 2008