Poems About Jesus

The Shepherd King 

by Belinda van Rensburg

 As nighttime cloaked my velvet dream
I heard Him call your name
He said “I Am the Shepherd King;
It was for you I came.

It was for you that I was born;
It was for you I cried;
It was for you my flesh was torn;
It was for you I died.

I thought of you and gave my breath,
Yes, I want you to know
It was for you I conquered death;
It was for you I rose.”

Ensconced within my dream-cocoon
I heard Christ call your name;
I pray that you will choose Him soon;
It was for you He came.

 © 2009




by Belinda van Rensburg

I Am the Origin, King of Creation
I'm the Lord of all tribes, all tongues and all nations.
My voice is like thunder, my eyes are like coals;
I am the Maker and Savior of souls.

I Am the One, I'm the Almighty God;
I have in my hand the scepter and rod.
My throne is in heaven, for that's where I live -
To all who are mine life with me I will give.

I Am Lord of creation, eternal and just,
But man on the earth I have made from the dust.
I gave him my breath and he came to life;
I gave him a garden and I gave him a wife.

I Am the One who loves all that I've made;
The angels in heaven, the man and the maid.
I love them with all that I Am for I'm love;
I'm the Father, the Son and the Spirit above.

I'm the Lord of Hosts, I'm the Almighty King -
I gave them all voices and taught them to sing.
Eternity's yearning I've put in their hearts,
I'll protect them all from the evil one's darts.

I am holy, majestic, righteous and glorious;
Over evil and death and decay I'm victorious.
Now come all my children, draw near unto me,
For I have the power to set you all free."
© 2008 


 You Knocked
by Belinda van Rensburg

When I was lost in sin and shame
Jesus Christ, You called my name;
You knocked, I opened -
You came in
And freed me from my fatal sin.

© 2008


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 The Way to the Father

By Belinda van Rensburg

Think not that we can please our Creator
By striving to earn a place in the Light;
For there's no doubt that sooner or later
We'll fall into sin and be banned from His sight.

There's no other Way to the heart of the Father;
Nothing but Christ's precious Blood will do -
The pure, sinless Blood that our only Savior
Shed as payment for me and for you.

Such selfless love is too deep to fathom
Wider and higher than all that is;
A Life for a life; God's own for ours -
The price our Lord paid to make us His.

Honor and glory and praise to Christ Jesus
For Who He is and for what He has done!
In spirit and truth we will worship the Father
Who showed us His love by sending His Son.
© 2012


I Am Grateful He Came

by Belinda van Rensburg

 Long ago God sent His only Son

To redeem us from the evil one;
I'm sure the holy angels cried
The day that Christ was crucified ,

On that most bitter of days He shed
Streams of His sinless Blood running red -
Why did He do it? What did He gain?
A beautiful bride without a stain.

The brides-price was indeed very high;
Thinking about it makes me want to cry;
I hang my head in sorrow and shame -
Humbled yet truly grateful He came.
© 2008