Inspirational Poems

 The Master Painter

by Belinda van Rensburg

A glowing white-washed orb hung high
Lighting up the midnight sky
As silently it spins and sails
Upon ordained and preset trails.

Silver moonbeams kiss the ground
Then move along without a sound;
Dappled shadows on the grass;
Pale face upon a pond of glass.

Cotton candy clouds glide by
Dimming the moon and starlit sky;
Cold winds blow and they move on;
Soon every misty cloud is gone.

Stardust dancing on the beams
Of the moon and the world seems
Touched by the Master Painter's Hand
Creating an enchanted land.

 © 2008



 Strong In You, Lord

by Belinda van Rensburg


I am not always able to
Do what I'm supposed to do,
But through Your Blood that set me free
And with Your Spirit guiding me
I won't give up but carry on
Until my time on Earth is done.

Be with me and guide my steps;
Help me to daily do my best.
Left to myself I'll surely fail
For I am very weak and frail;
In You alone can I be strong
And not do those things which are wrong.

Here I stand strengthened by You,
Assured that You will help me through
Whatever trials may come my way.
I know with me my Lord will stay;
You are my Rock, Deliverer, Friend;
My Hope and Strength until the end.
© 2008 



The Sign of the Bow 

by Belinda van Rensburg 


A veil of misty droplets hung
Colored by the rays of sun;
Fair arc set in the rain-washed sky
Where God's wing'ed creatures fly.

The multi-colored painted bow
Serves as a sign to man below;
Set over land and oceans deep
Reminding us God doesn't sleep.

He promised nevermore to send
A Flood to drown those who offend;
And then He sealed His promise thus -
A true love-letter writ to us.

© 2008  



 Swan Songs

by Belinda van Rensburg

 There is a touching, ancient fable
Of mute swans who are unable
To make a sound throughout their lives;
Then, at last, as death arrives -
A melody; a haunting cry;
A farewell song; a final sigh.

What a glorious way to die;
To enter the sweet by and by -
Instead of struggling, holding on
They fill their last moments with song;
Giving their all, their very best
Before they finally find rest.

Although this tale is hardly true
A lesson's here for me and you:
Death isn't something we need fear,
But should embrace when it draws near -
Let's pray that when our time has come
We'll sing our swan songs to God's Son.
© 2008  




by Belinda van Rensburg

That evil, wily, ancient snake
Truly believes that he can take
Away my faith; my joy; my peace:
That he can break me piece by piece.

he hits me high
he hits me low
he hits me fast
he hits me slow
he hits me left
he hits me right
But I will not give up the fight!

I will not faint; I will not fall -
For God will help me to stand tall:
He’ll lift me up and make me strong
And I will praise Him all day long!


God Cares

by Belinda van Rensburg

A mother bird has built a nest
Which is quite different from the rest,
For there between the potted leaves
(not in the trees or under eaves)
She built a cozy little home,
In which to raise her chick alone.

The pot was standing on a wall
And to ensure it wouldn't fall
I moved it to a safer place
Where enemies could not give chase -
Then in the pot plant in the shade
One spotted little egg was laid.

Onto the porch I daren't go
To clean, to read, to knit or sew.
For fear of frightening Momma dear
I kept my distance; I steered clear
And far away from chick and nest
So that she could relax and rest.

The long awaited day arrived
And to make sure that it survived
I prayed and asked our God on High
To undertake 'till it could fly;
That He'd supply its every need
Until itself the chick could feed.

Yesterday it left the nest
Feathered in its Sunday best;
Its mom seemed very agitated
But pretty soon her fears abated;
The fledgling spread its wings to fly
And swept into the clear blue sky.

The moral of my story's thus:
God loves us and He's good to us;
He cares about things small and big
Including that one little chick
Hatched from an egg so oddly laid
In a pot plant in the shade.
© 2008 



A Bruised Reed

by Belinda van Rensburg

 Sinner, you need not despair
God is merciful and fair
Lift your eyes; behold the Lord
Read and stand upon His Word.

God won't break a reed that's bruised
No longer will you stand accused
If true repentance fills your soul
The Lord will heal and make you whole.

Though your faith burns weak and low
God won't quench it's smoldering glow
The One Who called you by your name
Will fan the embers into flame.

Turn your back on sinful deeds
Give Jesus Christ your heart that bleeds
He's more than able to repair
Lives given to Him in prayer.
© 2008  



by Belinda van Rensburg

 Good morning Mr. Caterpillar, how do you do -
Might you perchance be interested in a brand new you?
No thank you friend, I do believe that I'm just fine this way
For someone complemented me only yesterday;
Sparrow told me that I am delectable and fat
And I doubt that your proposal's able to beat that.

Quite right you are, Sir, it is true:
Big and beautiful are you
But you are also unprotected
And now it seems you've been selected
As Sparrow's meal this very eve -
Can you the danger here perceive?

Yes friend, I can see I'm wrong
But I have been a worm so long;
I've grown quite comfortable this way
And this old body's made of clay.
How then can I be made brand new -
Could you perhaps give me a clue?

You have to die 'fore you can live,
For death always precedes rebirth.
Trust your Creator and let go;
Have faith in Him and you will grow.
Great change in you will now be wrought;
For this you have been dearly bought.

Oh little worm, behold! Behold!
It happened just as you've been told:
A brand new creature you've become
Since you accepted Christ, God's Son.
The worm's become a butterfly;
Free to fly in His blue sky.
© 2008  


Teach Me, Lord

by Belinda van Rensburg

 Touch me, Spirit; teach me -
To walk in all God's ways.
Open my eyes and help me see,
God's plan for me this day.

Touch my soul and heal me,
Cleanse my thoughts and mind.
God's child I always want to be,
Since I'm no longer blind.

Teach me how to love You;
To obey all Your commands.
Teach me to love others too,
For this You do demand.

Teach me to forgive; forget,
And teach me these things, too;
To have faith and not to fret,
But to put my trust in You.

Teach me to turn the other cheek;
To not repay wrong for a wrong.
Teach me to be gentle; meek;
To know in Jesus I am strong.

Teach me how to seek Your Face,
And how to listen to Your Voice.
Then, when Satan gives me chase,
I'll make the correct choice.

Teach me to accept Your will,
Even when I don't understand.
Teach me when to remain still,
And when to make a stand.

Teach me to walk in all Your ways;
To be obedient to You.
Then I can serve You all my days,
And reach out to others too.
© 2008  


Lean On Me

by Belinda van Rensburg

 When I was yet a tiny fir tree
Shallow-rooted, supple, thin;
Another young tree grew beside me
And I thought it rude of him.

I needed space; refused to share -
Why couldn't he just go away?
About his needs I did not care,
But always wanted my own way.

Then one fateful day at dawn
As dew drops sparkled on my leaves,
I saw a doe and her young fawn
Approaching our copse of trees.

A hoof crushed me as they went by;
And I was broken; bent -
I offered up a silent cry
Believing that my life was spent.

"Don't weep, brother; I am here -
Lean on me for I am strong";
'Twas the voice of one so near;
The one I used to treat so wrong.

Many years have come and gone,
And seasons good and ill;
Though we have both grown tall and strong
I lean against him still.

If you should come upon some trees
And notice one is bent,
Look closer and you might just see
It's leaning on its friend.
© 2008  



The One I Love
by Belinda van Rensburg

  Lord of Light, I bend my knee
And bow my head to only Thee;
You are the One I love the most -
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Beautiful and just are You;
Wonderful; forever true.
I lift my voice to praise Your name;
To please; obey you is my aim.

When dark days come I do not fear
For I know that you are right here
To comfort me - to show the way;
To keep me from going astray.

You hold me up so I won't slip
And never let go of Your grip.
Under Your protective wings
I'm kept safe from all evil things.

I am beguiled and stand in awe
By You who are without one flaw;
Perfect, Holy, Worthy One
Spirit, Father and the Son.

You are the One I love and praise
For the rest of all my days
Upon this earth and far beyond
Since none can break this holy bond.
 © 2014


United and Strong

by Belinda van Rensburg

God's children walking hand in hand
United; strong in Christ we stand
On bended knees; our hearts aflame
We call upon our Maker's Name.

When trials come we will not fall
For Christ will help us to stand tall
Though times are tough and things are rough
We'll cling to Him: He is enough.

When fallen ones launch an attack
Those saved by grace will stand; fight back
By calling 'pon our Savior Lord
To save us; smite the demon horde.

Brothers and sisters; young and old
Members of the Shepherd's fold
Know that Jesus is in control;
That He cares for each ransomed soul.

Now let's take hands; let us rejoice
Praising Him with lifted voice,
Worshiping God's exalted Son;
Glorifying the Worthy One.

© 2012


Look Up!

by Belinda van Rensburg

Night recedes and it's the birthing of a brand new morn;
The skyline's all dressed up in the colors of the dawn.
Soundlessly the sun climbs higher, lighting up the sky
Pink and orange tinted clouds are softly sailing by.

The sky is set ablaze in a rich and golden glow;
Amazing men and woman who dwell here below.
The crescent moon is almost gone and the time has come
For the starry host to bow down low before the sun.

I look around me at the people waiting for a bus;
I wonder if they saw what the Lord had shared with us?
Their eyes are clearly fixed on the things upon the earth;
They did not even glance at the morning's glorious birth.

It is truly sad when people do not lift their eyes
But choose to stare down at the dirt which underneath them lies;
They could behold the Son who overcame the night;
Exchanging utter darkness for His eternal Light.  

© 2008


Soul Quest

by Belinda van Rensburg

 We're pilgrims on a quest
From our time of birth
Seeking peace and rest
Whilst dwelling on the Earth.

Lonely; unfulfilled
Driven by a need
For turmoil to be stilled
To be loved and freed.

Missing God so much
Needing only Him
Yearning for His touch
To be filled within.

Deep cries unto Deep
Seeking the Divine
Roused from slumber; sleep
Running out of time.

Our quest can only end
Once we've found the Way
Learned to trust; depend
Upon God every day.

Waters will be stilled
Peace will reign within
Lonely hearts be filled
When we know Christ the King. 

© 2008  


The following poem is based on 1 Peter 1:24


A Whisper On the Wind
by Belinda van Rensburg

 A fog, a mist, a tear, a prayer,
A shadow passing by;
A choice, a test,
No time to rest;
Seemingly unfair.

A word, a thought, a touch - a breath,
A whisper on the wind;
Now here, now gone:
A snuffed out song,
Fading into death.

Life's short - it's here, then seen no more,
Withering like grass;
A time to choose
Accept; refuse:
To open up the door.

Jesus, the Christ - Creation's King
Saving us from sin;
He's dear; He's near,
No need to fear -
Just give yourself to Him.

© 2012  


Weep No More

by Belinda van Rensburg

Dry your eyes and weep no more
God doesn't want His child to cry
Trust in Him and you will soar
With the eagles in the sky.

For so long you've been alone
Struggling; battling to survive
Now dear one you've found a home
At last you've become alive.

Many years of hurt and pain
So much of life's been wasted
Now your old man has been slain
A new life's waiting to be tasted.

Don't glance back at what has been
Leave your sorrows in the past
Put your hope in things unseen
Pile up treasures that will last.

Every hurt your God will heal
All tears He'll wipe away
He's sealed you with His Holy Seal

Forever and a day. 

© 2008  


Life Passes Swiftly

by Belinda van Rensburg

Life passes swiftly
Man withers like grass;
Let's use our days wisely
For they will soon pass.

Trust God to guide
And show us the way
To help us stride
In His steps each day

Before we know it
Our time will be done,
So let us commit
Our years to God's Son.



Easier Said Than Done
by Belinda van Rensburg

Have you talked to God today;
Bowed your head down low to pray?
Have you bared your soul to Him;
Have you let Him in?

Have you fed a needy child;
Wiped away a tear and smiled?
Have you shown you truly care
By offering a meal and prayer?

Have you helped your friends in need -
Shown God's love through a good deed?
Have you listened when they talked;
Have you walked the walk?

It's much easier said than done
To imitate God's only Son:
To do the things He wants us to -
To do the things He'd do.
© 2014



A poem based on Psalm 8:3 'When I consider your heavens, the work of your  fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,' (NIV)

Star Gazers

by Belinda van Rensburg

Souls in quiet contemplation  

In distant lands; from ev'ry nation

  Have looked upon the moon and sun;

  Upon the stars which brightly shone.


According to the Master's plan  

Fire from our Maker's Hand

 Has set the galaxies ablaze  

Leaving mankind on Earth amazed.  

Whenever souls gazed 'pon Creation

 Those in silent meditation  

Have seen the Hand of God therein 

 And felt His touch deep down within. 

© 2010



Beneath His Wings

by Belinda van Rensburg 

When storms are raging 'round me
And winds are blowing fierce,
When demon hordes attack me
And Satan's arrows pierce -

I run to Christ my Rock
And tell Him of my woes:
Of how the demons mock;
My every move oppose.

Then safe beneath His wings
And shielded from all harm,
Life's storms and evil things
Cannot disturb my calm.

© 2016



A Prayer for Guidance

by Belinda van Rensburg

Guide me, Lord, each night and day;
Please show me Your will and way
And give me the words to say
When I close my eyes to pray.

Help me, Lord, to clearly see
What You want this child to be.
Father please enable me
To walk closely God, with Thee.

You're the Potter; I'm the clay
Shape me, mold me ev'ry day.
Strengthen me so I won't stray.
Teach me to submit; obey.

Hear now, Lord, my earnest plea -
Spirit tend and water me;
Let me be a fruitful tree
Wholly pleasing Lord, to Thee.

© 2016



Hearts on Fire

by Belinda van Rensburg

Glory, glory to God on High
Lord of the mountains; El-Shaddai
Righteous One thund'ring through space
Savior of the human race.

Honor and glory belongs to Him
He is worthy; He is our King.
Jehovah-Rohi; Shepherd and Rock
Protecting; guiding His well-loved flock.

Come all the Earth; praise El-Olam
God Everlasting; Radiant One
Mounted; riding the cherubim;
Worshiped by six-winged seraphim.

Let's lift our voices in sincere love;
Let us sing love songs to God's Lamb Above;
Joining the angelic host's mighty choir
With clean hands and soft hearts on fire.

© 2015


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 The Old Mission Church

by Belinda van Rensburg

 The air is hot and humid as we sit in the church pew,
The building's very old and nothing in it's new.
The walls are cracking; the alter cloth is stained,
And I'm sure that we'd get drenched if it should rain.

The roof is leaking but the preacher keeps on preaching;
A tired fan is squeaking and the rusty door is creaking.
The paint is peeling but the people are all kneeling;
Pouring out their hearts to God with honesty and feeling.

I don't know the lingo but my spirit can discern,
That the congregation's here to worship and to learn.
Oh! How fortunate I feel as in this place I kneel,
For upon this mission church is God's approving seal.  

 © 2008 


Encircled by Your Love

by Belinda van Rensburg


Lord Jesus, You are my heart's desire;
I want to see Your dear, loving Face.
My soul has been quickened; my heart is on fire;
I am desperate for Your gentle embrace.

Your tender, soft-spoken words will bring healing,
Filling my soul with peace from Above.
On bended knees at Your feet I am kneeling,
Offering my adoration and love.

I beg You to bless me with Your tender touch;
Embrace me Lord; hold my hand -
Demons will quake whilst the angels keep watch
As encircled by Your Love I stand.
© 2008 


 God's Little Builders

by Belinda van Rensburg


Whenever termites build their nests
They hardly stop to take a rest;
They send their scouts out far and near
To search for perfect sites somewhere,
To sculpt from turf their odd-shaped mounds;
Cathedrals rising from the ground.

Although the air be hot outside,
Their nests are nice and cool inside;
Tunnels running to and fro
Combining chambers high and low.
(It's wonderful how these small creatures
Build their homes with such grand features!)

Inside the nests the work goes on,
Though they've no light from moon nor sun;
Blind workers fungal gardens tend
Whilst others help their homes to mend;
To forage all day long for food
And caring for their nests' young broods.

Beware, intruders, take good care,
For there are soldiers everywhere;
Always ready; strong and armed
To protect their own from harm.
Over their subjects royals rule,
From noble chambers safe and cool.

Termites might be small and boring,
But with eagles they are soaring -
For little creatures such as they
Do what God asks of them each day;
Should not then we, creation's crown,
Be men and women of renown?
© 2008


Turned Downside Up

by Belinda van Rensburg

I have a song in my heart and a spring in my step;
I know without a doubt that Jesus died in my stead.
He took and drank the bitter cup,
Now my life's been turned wholly downside up.

I finally opened wide the door of my heart
And that very moment I was given a new start;
A new beginning and a brand-new song
To sing to my Savior my whole life long.

The words of my mouth and the thoughts in my mind
Are no longer cruel but they're loving and they're kind;
My heart is filled with love and adoration
Oh, what a liberating, glorious sensation!

I feel so relieved; my burdens are all gone;
I hop and I skip and I dance all day long.
There's no holding back; I am flying, I am free -
I've come out of the darkness, and now I can see!  

© 2009  


With All That I Am

by Belinda van Rensburg

 All-Powerful God; Creator of man
I love and desire You with all that I am;
All day and all night long I yearn to do
Only that which is pleasing to You.

Prince of Heaven enthroned up High,
On eagles' wings You have taught me to fly -
Before You alone I will bow my knee;
I once was bound but You've set me free.

Gentle Spirit; Counselor; Guide,
Tenderly teaching me how to abide
In the Shadow of the One I adore,
And Who'll be with me forever more.
© 2008  


Made With Love

by Belinda van Rensburg

 Running through the meadow
Wind blowing through my hair;
Flowers growing wild and free -
The sky is blue; the weather's fair.

I stop awhile beside a brook
And sit down on the sweet green grass;
Birds are everywhere I look;
The gurgling water clear as glass.

In the distance is a hill
The sun smiles up above;
I close my eyes and drink my fill
Of that which God has made with love.
© 2008  



Never Alone

by Belinda van Rensburg


I AM is the Holy and Worthy One
Creator through Whom all things begun;
Sitting enthroned in Heaven above
Pouring on us His blessings and love.

The One Who provides for all our needs,
The One Who enables us to do good deeds;
Nothing in creation escapes Him at all;
He hears our prayers when upon Him we call.

He knows of all our heartaches and fears
He hears our cries and He counts all our tears -
He wants us to know that we're never alone;
That in Him we have a Friend and a Home.
© 2008  


Angels Around Us

by Belinda van Rensburg

Angels around us hedging us in
Beings we can't see because of first sin;
God's mighty warriors; protectors of men
Bringing us messages now and then.

Angels above us and hovering nearby
Millions of angels up high in the sky;
If only our eyes could be opened we'd see
That we are surrounded by Heaven's army.

Some mounted on horses and chariots of fire -
They're mighty and strong and cannot ever tire:
Those who are for us are much more than those
Satan-led demons who are our old foes.  

© 2008  



by Belinda van Rensburg

For those who stand upon the Rock
Now's not the time for 'tick-a-lock';
Time is short; it's running out
For souls to make the turn-about.

God's children have to 'show and tell'
If we're to save the lost from hell.
No need to go 'undercover'
To share Jesus with a brother.

We are the children of the Light;
Commissioned to shine very bright -
We have to live and spread the Word
To people who have not yet heard.

So turn the key the other way;
Do not be shy to share and pray -
Go forth and find a soul who's lost;
Be bold and do not count the cost.
© 2009


Turn Back  

by Belinda van Rensburg

I gave you the gift of life,
I watered; tended you -
Providing for your every need;
A friend in need and true.

True to my Word; my promises
Keeping them as you know;
Yet you were wayward; obstinate;
Your love for me dipped low.

Why did you run, my dearest one -
Why did you turn your back?
What could the world have given you -
What was it that you lacked?

You loved and followed other gods
(The god Mammon for one),
But what they've got is valueless
And it will soon be gone.

Turn back to me - I'll hold you close,
I'll warm you with my love;
Don't think upon the worldly things
But aim for those Above.
© 2010  


The Medium

by Belinda van Rensburg

When I look back I can clearly see
God's Hand protecting and guiding me
Throughout my life; throughout all the years
Edging me on in spite of my fears.

Even while I was still lost to Him;
Even though I was still bound by sin
God was preparing; orchestrating;
Sorting my life while He was waiting.

As an example I'd like to tell
Of the time when a demon from hell
Spoke through a medium who claimed she 'knew'
Many things I was going to do.

'This' and 'that' was going to happen;
On and on that woman kept yakking
Until she came to age thirty-three;
“There is nothing more to tell,” said she.

Years afterward I gave this some thought;
It dawned on me she could foretell naught;
Jesus would not allow her, you see,
For that was my age when He saved me!
© 2009


I Owe It All to You, Lord

by Belinda van Rensburg

 You took my sinful heart, Lord
And washed me white as snow.
You took my broken life, Lord;
You healed and helped me grow.

You lifted burdens; broke my chains
Changed despair into hope;
You turned my losses into gains
And filled me; helped me cope.

I owe it all to You, Lord;
My very life and breath -
Thank You for what You've done, Lord;
For saving me from death.

© 2008


Stress Less

by Belinda van Rensburg

Slow down my friend; stress less,
Or else your life could be a mess;
Take things easy and relax
Don't do things which overtax.

Do what God wants you to do,
But do not do and do and do
Things which really matter not,
For such things will be forgot.

Rushing here, there, to and fro,
Eating junk food on the go;
Constantly on beck and call -
My friend, this is no life at all!

Look at the flowers and the sky,
Notice things that hop and fly.
Can you smell the rain-drenched earth;
Do you ever shake with mirth?

Energy gets spent and wasted
Whilst true joy remains untasted;
Now quiet down and feed your soul,
Or stress will take its deadly toll. 



Night Lights
by Belinda van Rensburg

 Silvery white shines the lighted moon
As it dances to its lone cosmic tune.
Bright rays turning darkness to light -
Oh, what a marvelous, glorious sight!

Glimmering stars on their nightly flights
Shimmer and shine as they brighten our nights;
Gently; softly sliding through space,
Moving in unison at a set pace.

On Earth we are the moon and the stars -
Shining God's Light to all souls behind bars;
Lighting up this dark, sinful place
Encouraging others to seek God's Face.
© 2009


A Far Better Place
by Belinda van Rensburg

We're on our way to a far better place
Where we'll see Jesus Christ face to Face,
Bridegroom and bride, united at last
Will walk hand in hand on streets clear as glass.

Surrounded by walls of transparent gold
We'll behold wonders as yet untold
While thousands 'pon thousands of angels will sing
Praises of joy to the queen and the King.

Heavenward, homeward bound are we
To a place where we will be free
From suffering, toil, heartache and sin;
Meeting again our old friends and kin.

Love and peace and joy will flow,
Over all this God's glory will glow;
Sweet communion between bride and Groom -
Oh, dear Jesus, may that Day come soon!
© 2010


Thank You So Much, Lord

by Belinda van Rensburg

 I want to be still and think upon You
Counting the blessings received from Your hand;
A Godly husband; our children and theirs;
Good health and the strength to stand.

More than enough of the things I might need
Such as shelter, good food and clothes.
A reliable car that can drive really far
For eyesight; ten fingers and toes.

Thank You for letting me hear Your dear voice -
For talking to me night and day.
I praise You, Lord, for guidance and council;
For list'ning to me when I pray.

Thank You so much, dear Father of Lights
For Your promises; every one;
For all that You've done and all that You do,
But most of all for Your Son!

© 2010


This Child

by Belinda van Rensburg

Lord, this child has belonged to You
From the moment that I knew
The truth of Jesus Christ Your Son;
The Lamb of God, the Risen One.

You took me as I came to You -
My heart a stone, sinful, untrue;
Surrounded by a self-built wall
I did not know You God, at all.

When life was bleak; unbearable;
When all seemed lost and terrible
You touched my soul, You called my name;
Out of the dark to You I came.

You brought me into Your bright Light
Brilliant, shining, spotless, white;
Healed all my brokenness and pain,
Renewed my mind and made me sane.

Beloved child I have become
Bought with the Blood of Your own Son;
Allowed to sit down at Your feet
And listen to Your Voice so sweet.

© 2009  


Called to Serve

by Belinda van Rensburg

We've been called by God to serve
Whether or not we have the nerve,
For He promised to be there
To help us if we do our share.

Protected by the Lord Above
And filled with zeal and holy love,
We need to be obedient; trust
To do what we feel sure we must.

Enabled by the Holy Ghost;
Surrounded by angelic host -
God has supplied our every need
So that we might excel; exceed.

He gave us gifts for a good reason:
That we might in or out of season
Share the Word of God with others;
Future pastors, sisters, brothers.

Serving, helping, praying, preaching,
healing, warring, giving, teaching:
Doing all we need to do
Without expecting one "Thank you”. 

© 2014



by Belinda van Rensburg

Pray, Christian; pray
Every night and day.
God is never far but near
Open your heart and be sincere;
Pray, Christian; pray.

Read, Christian; read
Study God's Word; take heed.
Read your Bible ev'ry day
Or else you might be led astray;
Read, Christian; read.

Stand, Christian; stand
God's given you this land.
Don't give in; do not fall back,
Ask God to help you stay on track;
Stand, Christian; stand.

Speak, Christian; speak
Each day of the week.
Preach the Gospel; share the Truth
With the elderly and youth;
Speak, Christian; speak.

Live, Christian; live
You've got so much to give.
Show the lost world Jesus' love -
Be wise yet gentle as a dove;
Live, Christian; live.
© 2010


A poem based on Acts 17:28  ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’   As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ (NIV)

In Him I Live and Move and Have My Being

by Belinda van Rensburg

 Oh my God; my Father - I cannot;
Do not want to live without You;
You and You alone are the reason
For my very existence;
In You I live and move and have my being.

My soul cries out to You, Lord,
My parched soul thirsts for You.
Please fill me with Your living water;
Quicken my spirit -
Ignite an ever-burning fire within me.

I'll have no part; Indeed I desire not
Man-made rules and rituals;
I have no need of them.
I need only You, my Lord, My Savior -
Jesus of Nazareth, Son of the Living God!

Speak to me, Lord,
Speak to your servant;
Open my ears so that I might hear
Your beloved Voice.
Tell me Your secrets, Lord.

Share with me Your thoughts;
I want to know You, Lord.
I desire to know You more and more -
Draw me ever closer as I seek
Your beloved Face.

You are fathomless –
Beyond human comprehension,
And yet You love me;
Yet, you talk to me; share Your thoughts with me
Yet You call me Your child.

Praised be Your Holy Name!

© 2010


Running for The Son

by Belinda van Rensburg

 For many years a pilgrim treads
The road he's set upon.
A road that's filled with joy; regrets
Yet still he trudges on.

Through the good times and the bad
He toils under God's sun,
Though his heart is heavy; sad
He'll not become undone.

Over life's hills; across the dales
God makes him fearless; strong.
Even if he falls or fails
He'll end what he's begun.

The Word tells us life is a race
Each child of God must run -
Where then can we find strength and grace
If not from God's own Son?

Don't slow down; keep up the pace -
It is a quest we're on.
We're pilgrims in an alien place
Whilst running for the Son! 

© 2010 



This poem is based on "- for the Past is frozen and no longer flows, and the Present is all lit up with eternal rays", and "Gratitude looks to the past and love to the present; fear, avarice, lust and ambition look ahead." C.S. Lewis (The Screwtape Letters)

 This Moment in Time
by Belinda van Rensburg

The Past is frozen; it no longer flows;
What's already happened, everyone knows.
It's gone; it's solid - it cannot be changed;
For better of worse it can't be exchanged.

The Future's obscure; it has yet to come;
A time of concern and fear for some;
Looked forward to with ambition or lust -
Much better to leave it with God in trust.

The Present's lit up with eternal rays;
Today is indeed the best of days.
Love looks to this moment; the now and the here;
The time when our Father is present and near.

We should look with gratitude to the past,
Having borne righteous fruit that will last;
Our future hopes; our dreams and our plans
Can be left in the Father's good hands.

Right now; today; this moment in time
We need reach out and touch the Divine;
To honor the Lord; to cling to our King;
Forsaking ev'ry unholy thing.

Let's love as if there is no tomorrow;
Not allowing regrets or sorrow
To steal and ruin even one more day,
But live for Jesus right now; today.


Ride The Wind
by Belinda van Rensburg

Rise up and ride the wind, dear child,
Soar high on eagles' wings;
Though it blow fierce; though it be mild,
Rise above all that it brings.

Do not be blown here or there by the winds
Of false teaching; cunning and lies;
Resist temptations dished up by hell's fiends
No matter how hard they might try.

Rise high above the things of this earth,
Don't yearn for what lies below;
Nothing down there has eternal worth
So leave it behind; let it go.

Hope in the Lord and you will be strong -
On eagles' wings you will soar;
Able to overcome sin and wrong
And fit to fight in God's war.
© 2010