Children's Poetry


 Good Enough

by Belinda van Rensburg

God wants me to be myself
For He created me this way,
And since God made me who I am,
Myself I'm quite content to stay.

In His eyes I'm good enough -
It matters not what others say;
I need not act as if I'm tough
Or copy other children's ways.

God doesn't care if I'm not cool -
If I'm not stronger; thinner;
In His hands I am a tool
To reach out to another sinner.

Though I am still young and small
In Jesus Christ I'm strong and tall;
So when people look at me
May it be God's own Son they see.  

© 2009



My Superhero  

by Belinda van Rensburg

The world is full of superheroes
Decked in tights and flowing capes,
But in truth they're only zeroes;
Strange cartoon-created shapes.

Most are said to be quite strong -
Endowed with strange, mysterious power;
Their mission is to right each wrong
Causing crooks to quake and cower.

Some can jump and others fly;
Stretch their limbs or disappear -
One spins and scales buildings sky-high;
When they're needed they'll appear.

They don't exist and can't compare
To God's mighty men of old
Who daily bent their knees in prayer
And were truly brave and bold.

The power that they had was real;
God's Spirit worked through them -
They were on fire; filled with zeal
God's own anointed supermen.

There is One much mightier still
Than all those men of old;
He came to do the Father's will
And free us from sin s hold.

There's nothing which He cannot do;
The world is safe in Him -
He can fix and make things new:
He's Jesus Christ our King.

Yes Lord, You're my Superhero;
You're real; almighty; true
And as Your child I'm not a zero
For You've made me worthy too.

© 2008



All These Things  

by Belinda van Rensburg

 Jesus cares for you and me
For all the fishes in the sea
For crawling snakes and birds that fly
Upon the earth and in the sky.

Little bugs that buzz and hop
Horses galloping clip clop
Ponies prancing; dolphins dancing
Love birds kissing and romancing.

Sharp-eyed eagles that can soar
Mighty ocean waves that roar
Bleating lambs and chimps that swing
Refreshing showers in the Spring.

All these things and so much more
Jesus Christ loves and adores
He made each thing and everyone
Who lives under the smiling sun. 

© 2010


Sound Advice

by Belinda van Rensburg

If you borrow, give it back;
If you're lost get back on track;
If you're down give God a call
For He will help you when you fall.

If you offend say that you're sorry;
If things are tough learn not to worry;
If you're tired take a rest
And always try to do your best.

Remember Jesus is your Friend -
that He will never let you down;
For your sins too He has been sent
So serve Him and receive your crown.

© 2008



A True Friend

by Belinda van Rensburg

If you should need a friend that's true
Then Christ is the best friend for you
For he is faithful, true and strong,
And He will never get it wrong.

He'll always answer when you call;
He'll always be there when you fall
To comfort, heal and hold your hand;
To pick you up and help you stand.

This friend I'm telling you about
Has truly got a lot of clout;
He's the Lord and King of Kings
Creator; Maker of all things.

His name is Jesus; risen Christ
And He is great in love and might
All you need to do is pray -
Ask Him into your heart today.
© 2014


Wham Bam! Big Bang!
by Belinda van Rensburg

Zillions of years ago
(So the 'Big Bang' theory goes)
A boiling hot primordial mess
Experienced far too much stress;
It exploded with a 'Bang'
Followed by a 'Wham' and 'Twang'!

Wham Bam!  Big Bang!
Oh what nonsense; what a sham!

The Universe was 'born' that day:
Galaxies went on display;
Space began to move; expand
(All this happened quite unplanned).
How do we this come to know?
Scientists tell us it is so.

Wham Bam!  Big Bang!
Oh what nonsense; what a sham!

Is it easier to believe
This lie of lies meant to deceive
Passed on to us by hell's own traitor
Than to credit our Creator?
The truth is God made all that is;
All of Creation's truly His.

© 2009


Cats On My Bed

by Belinda van Rensburg

 So I woke up this morning
With a cat on my head,
And two others sleeping
At the foot of my bed.

They think they are special,
And to us they are;
For in our eyes
They're each one a star.

There's Cookie the kitten:
A cute so-and-so:
Our other cats follow
Her where she may go.

They're lap cats; they're purr cats,
They're funny and sweet;
Moreover they make
Our home happy; complete.

Life would be so dull
Without these three;
So for our kitties
Dear God, we thank Thee. 

© 2015


Too Much Sugar!

by Belinda van Rensburg


Last night I had a fluffy dream
Of chocolate cake and pink ice-cream;
Of lollypops and colored sweets;
Of licorice and sug'ry treats.

So when I woke I asked my mom
For a very tidy sum;
She handed me a brand new note
And I put on my gloves and coat.

I hurried to the candy store
And bought a bag of eat s'mores,
Which I promptly gobbled down -
Ignoring the assistant's frown.

Next I bought a chocolate bar,
But it did not go real far;
Then I got some bubble gum
And my money was all gone.

So, instead of chocolate cake
I now have a stomach ache.
Mom says it's 'cause I ate too much
Sweets and chocolates and such.

God didn't make small boys and girls
To live on cake and chocolate twirls,
And although it makes me sad
I've learned that sweet things can be bad.

© 2015


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Mixing Colors

by Belinda van Rensburg

I have an old tin paintbox in my sideboard drawer
Now and then I'll take it out from its little store;
Paint pots black and white; yellow, blue and red
Oh, how I enjoy to mix these on my brown palette!

Red and blue make purple
(A shade darker than myrtle);
Yellow mixed with blue make green
A color very often seen.

Red and yellow turn a fruit
Into an orange lush and good.
Black and white make shades of gray
As with my paint and brush I play.

But here's something stranger still
And the result of God's own will:
If you read His Word you'll know
Red can make black as white as snow.

© 2008


Fright Night

by Belinda van Rensburg

In the deepest, darkest night
After I've switched off the light
Creatures lurk within my room
Planning my demise and doom.

They slither, slink and crawl around
Making not the slightest sound;
Waiting with abated breath
To pounce and scare me half to death.

My heart is pounding in my chest
I'm scared to breathe or move 'round lest
The monsters hiding 'neath my bed
Decide it's time that they were fed.

I am so scared; what should I do?
Night after dark night I go through
The same emotions; fear and fright
As soon as I've turned off my light.

I remember someone said
(or is it something that I read?)
We should never, ever fear
For God's Spirit's always near.

I'm not alone: He's here with me
And scary monsters must all flee;
When in Jesus's Name I pray
They have to leave and stay away.

I say a prayer and sing a song
Whilst unseen angels sing along;
They've come to guard me as I sleep;
To slay all things which crawl and creep.

© 2008



In a Land of Sand

by Belinda van Rensburg

Some few thousand years ago
A cruel man was the pharaoh
Of a far-off desert land
With little rain and lots of sand.

Then one day a man of God
Came carrying a shepherd's rod;
He and Aaron told the pharaoh
“Let God's children go!”.

“No! I will not let them go!”,
Shouted the angry pharaoh.
He would not heed the man of God
Who leaned upon his shepherd's staff.

Moses struck the River Nile
And soon ev'ry ribboned mile
Turned into a flood of blood
Between banks of blood-caked mud.

Then came the frogs, the gnats and flies
Yet even midst all Egypt's cries
The pharaoh's heart was very hard
And from his slaves he would not part.

The livestock died; then came the boils,
Yet no medicine or oils
Could affect a decent cure -
Of this we can be very sure.

Thunder crashed and lightning flashed;
Stones of ice fell down and crashed
Man and beast and even fields;
At last it seemed the king might yield.

But still the pharaoh's heart was hard
And locusts left all Egypt scarred;
Darkness came thick as the night
Driving out each ray of light.

At midnight the destroyer came
Egyptian firstborn lives to claim;
At last the old defeated king
Was broken by death's fatal sting.

This then is the tale as told
Since forgotten days of old
Of the wonders which our God
Did through Moses and his rod.
© 2010


Of Galaxies and Things

by Belinda van Rensburg

There are galaxies galore
In the universe;
Billions upon billions more
Countless and diverse.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way
Has glowing spiral arms.
Beautiful; a grand display
Lovely; full of charm.

Eight planets orbit our sun;
Four near - the others far;
The inner and the outer ones
Sailing 'round our star.

Each on a solitary course
Set by the Creator;
Bound by a magnetic force
Devised by God our Maker.

Mercury is very hot
(It's closest to the sun);
Planet Venus shines a lot
Though life there won't be fun.

Earth is ideal - made for us;
Mars has plains and dunes,
As well as ice and lots of dust
And caves with toxic fumes.

An asteroid belt is set halfway
'Tween Jupiter and Mars;
A glorious space rock array
Which sometimes shine like stars.

Next in line is Jupiter
A giant; windy, cold;
Saturn's even cooler
If the truth be told.

Uranus could be Neptune's twin -
They're both rather blue,
But Neptune's clouds are rather thin;
It's rings are fairly new.

Isn't it incredible
To see what God has made?
Totally unforgettable:
The universe displayed. 

© 2014 


Don't Be Afraid
by Belinda van Rensburg

Dearest child, don't be afraid -
You've been wonderfully made;
Extremely special in God's sight
For He created you just right.

Do not doubt Christ's love for you
Or that our Lord is strong and true;
Remember Jesus is your friend
And that His love will never end.

It is important that you know
Jesus will never let you go,
Nor will his love grow cold or fade,
So do not fret; don't be afraid.
© 2014 




by Belinda van Rensburg

“I won't do it,” Sally said,
“I will not clean my room.
I will not sweep nor make my bed;
I like the mess and gloom.”

“I won't do it,” Sammy said,
“I will not mow the lawn.
I'd rather play with Ned and Ted
And with my best friend Sean.”

“Will not”
“Can not”
“Want not”
“Shall not” -
These words we must not say;
When Mom or Dad ask us for help
We should always obey.

This is what God expects of you;
It pleases Him so much
When children just say “Yes” and do
Their chores without a fuss.

© 2012


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